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  - The Gift of Life  
  - Age of Grace  
  - The Stable Lad  
  - Tuapeka Gold  
  - Wind in the Tussock  
  - Kawarau Gold  
  - Faded Pictures  
  - Proud to be a Kiwi  
  - Bright New Day  
  - No Place Like Home  

The songbook cover.The Phil Garland songbook
The Phil Garland songbook is now available after four years in the making. It features lyrics, music and chords to over 50 songs culled from four of Phil's most recent albums.




YouTube Video Clips
Performing "Yorky's Run" at "Bards, Ballads n Bulldust", Ancient Briton Hotel in Naseby, Central Otago.
Performing "Down a Country Road I Know" at "Bards, Ballads n Bulldust", Naseby, Central Otago.
Reciting part of "Mason's Bar" at "Bards, Ballads n Bulldust", Naseby, Central Otago.

The Stable Lad Wind in the Tussock
Leatherman Farwell to the Gold

tape coverBillycan Ballads
Billycan Ballads is a musical tribute to the Kiwi poetry of the late Joe Charles, featuring works from his books Black Billy Tea and Blackberry Pie set to music by Phil.
Song list: Boys of the Track, Black Billy Blues,To The Tall Ships, It's Grand to be a Soldier, The Old Windwhistle Pub, Smoko, Somebody's Darling, The Lost Bullock Team, Ballad of Davie Gunn, The Black Stump, Mackenzie and his Dog, Ballad of the Kiwi, Wool Away Jack, The Parson and the Bullocks, Queensland Harry, The Kokatahi Band, Black Billy Tea

Sample: To The Tall Ships - in MP3 format


Damper, Duff &Doughboys Damper, Duff & Doughboys
Damper, Duff & Doughboys is a themed collections of songs rooted in New Zealand's rural heartland and preserves the legacy and ethos of those early colonial days, when the universal catchphrase of "The land beyond the cities is where the real New Zealand lies" was quite real and commonplace. The album offers a window into a pastoral way of life long since superseded by modern working conditions, modes of travel and mass media communication.
Song list: On The Wallaby Again, Scrapin' Gum, While The Billy Boils, Rose of Red Conroy, The Bold & Saucy China, A Hundred Years Ago, The Old Gumdigger's Bar / The Nikau Waltz, King Of The Bullock Drivers, Strongman Mine Disaster, Down On My Luck, Bert Pither's Dream, Champion Of All, Ballad Of The Kiwi, My Droving Days Are Over, Farewell To The Gold, The Charleston Drum.

Sample Rose of Red Conroy - in MP3 format
Sample A hundred Years Ago- in MP3 format

Amuri SongsAmuri Songs
The Amuri district celebrated 100 years centenary of farm settlement in 2008 for which Phil recorded a mini CD of 2 songs - Culverden My Home Again & Ballad of the Amuri.


Southern Odyssey cd cover.Faces in the Firelight
It's not widely known but New Zealand has a rich store of song, folklore, poetry, stories and yarns crying out to be told or sung.

Drawing heavily on Phil's field collecting research and New Zealand Folklore society archives, his new book Faces in the Firelight presents a swag of songs about sealers, whalers, pioneers, goldminers, drifters, rogues & scoundrels, shearers, bushmen, gumdiggers, hard drinkers and moonshiners in company with a colourful collection of backblocks verse, tall stories, toasts and ditties.

There are so many gems lurking within to ensure you'll never be stuck for a song or story again.

Southern Odyssey cd cover.Southern Odyssey
Tui award winning folk album of 2007.
Southland is New Zealand's southernmost province and home to a rich and colourful past, which is celebrated here through previously unchartered verse and song. This album was commissioned by Creative Southland to provide a musical soundtrack for those visitors, who will ultimately explore the Southern Odyssey Arts and Heritage Trails. The project provided Phil the opportunity to creatively explore some of the lesser known aspects of the province's folklore and colonial past, which he has cleverly woven into a themed collection of traditional song, verse and original composition .

Song list: The Foggy Foggy Banks, Ballad of James Mackenzie, The Swag & the Shiner, Becalmed at the Bluff, The Drover's Song, The Hokonui Hills, Leaving Port Craig, Bring 'em On, The Kingston Flyer, Waikaia is my Station, Ballad of Davie Gunn, Ballad of Minnie Dean, The Tararua Acre, At the Mataura, McShane's Chained Lightning.

Sample James MacKenzie - in MP3 format
Sample James MacKenzie - in WMA format
Sample Bring 'em On - in MP3 format
Sample Bring 'em On- in WMA format

No Place Like Home cd cover.

No Place Like Home
It wasn't until a thousand or so years ago that New Zealand (Aotearoa) was first settled by human beings - Maori from Polynesia
. In the 19th century successive waves of Europeans arrived. Now in the 21st century, an increasingly diverse group of "Kiwis" have a heightened sense of pride and place. To them, New Zealand really offers "No Place Like Home".
Song list: Bright New Day, No Place Like Home, The Big Smoke, Woolaway, The Moonlight Trail, At the Mataura, The Boys in the Band, Ballad of Davie Gunn, When the Rainbird Sings in the Tea-Tree, When the Country's Wet, The Tararua Acre, Winds of Change, And When They Dance, Time To Say Goodbye, One of the Blokes.
Total duration 56:58 DDD

Sample No Place Like Home - in MP3 format
Sample No Place Like Home - in WMA format
Sample Bright New Day - in MP3 format
Sample Bright New Day - in WMA format

Swag 'o Dreams cd cover. Swag o' Dreams
The legacy of our Pilgrims and Early Settlers is clearly demonstrated in this varied collection of songs celebrating 150 years of Canterbury Settlement
. The old adage that "you must first understand the past before you can plan for the future" is well represented by Swag 'o Dreams. The songs cover such varied subjects as immigration, the legend of McKenzie, shearing, farming, swaggers, West Canterbury goldfields, Cobb & Co coaches, gambling, railways, protests, and woolshed dancing. Phil hopes the album will go some way towards generating an understanding of the rich legacy created as a result of the foresight and great tenacity of Canterbury's early settlers.
Song list: Shores of Lyttelton, The Jewel of Whakaraupo, Age of Grace, Southward Bound, I'm a Young Man, Ballad of the Rakaia, McKenzie's Ghost, Canterbury Jigs (Canterbury Jig/Glenmore Jig/Shiner's Fancy), The Shearing's Coming Round; Cheer, Boys, Cheer; White's Hotel, Come in Spinner, The Stable Lad, Farewell to Geraldine, Black Billy Blues, The K b Cannonball/Kelly's Jigger, Beneath the Tussock.
Total duration 63:58 DDD

Sample Age of Grace - in MP3 format

A Sense of Place cd cover.A Sense of Place
Phil writes: "Standing alone at the bottom of the world, New Zealand's geographical isolation has always been an important factor shaping and defining our national identity - especially during the colonial years when difficult ocean travel was the only means of contact with other nations. It is probably best epitomised by the resilience of our early settlers as they faced countless hardships and adversities presented by the challenge of a wild rugged untamed landscape. Of necessity they had to become self-sufficient in order to survive." This celebration of New Zealand's culture and heritage was released in 1998.
Song list: Take a Little Walk, A Sense of Place, Pelorus Jack, Walking Off the Land, Gabriels' Gold, Proud to be a Kiwi, Hands Across the Sea, The Roving Breeze, When I was a Young Man, Footsteps of the Miners, The Good Old Way-Shiner's Fancy, Old Jimmy Possum, The Gift of Life, Hokonui Whisky, So Long Mate.
Total duration 59:47 DDD

Sample Proud to be a Kiwi - in MP3 format
Sample Proud to be a Kiwi - in WMA format

Under the Southern CrossUnder the Southern Cross cd cover.
This compilation of New Zealand and Australian songs was gathered from previous albums recorded over the last twenty years and is dedicated to the memory of our early settlers and pioneers. Life in isolation was an all too familiar scenario, enforcing self reliance and resourcefulness - traits that can still be seen today. With today's ever increasing awareness of national identity, it's most timely to find such qualities featured in this collection of songs drawn from New Zealand's rich musical heritage.
Song List: The Old Station Gate, Kawerau Gold, New Zealand Whales, Davy Lowston, In the Morning, John Smith, Concertina Joe/Glenmore Jig, Limejuice Tub/Paddy on the Railway, Last Drop of Whisky, Wind in the Tussock, Mason's Pub, Wool Commandeer, Five Miles from Gundagai, Packing My Things, Boys of the Track, The Flash Stockman, The Dying Bushman, Farewell to Geraldine, Old Station Days.
Total duration 60:13 AAD

Sample Davy Lowston - in MP3 format
Sample Davy Lowston - in WMA format

The Singing Kiwi (Songbook)
Phil Garland has been a dedicated seeker of New Zealand's story in yarns,The Singing Kiwi songbook cover. verse, song and dance for over thirty years. He has travelled widely, researching and interviewing people with a view to collecting and preserving New Zealand's rich but unsung folk heritage. Phil has won numerous awards during a lifetime of performing, educating and entertaining and this book highlights the majority of his work over the years.
Song List: At the Mataura, Ballad of Captain Cook, Ballad of Stan Graham, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Death Song of the Huntly Miners, Greenstone Billy, Hillsides of Bendigo, Gabriel's Gold, Molesworth, Old Jimmy Possum, Pelorus Jack, Rose of Red Conroy, Shantyman, Tangiwai Disaster, While the Billy Boils and many more.

How Are You Mate?How Are You Mate CD cover.
These are the songs of the real New Zealand depicting our cultural evolution in verse and song through the emotions and feelings of ordinary people. They are a part of oral history, reflecting human attitudes and responses to the daily events of Kiwi life. All of the songs have been either collected or adapted by Phil for inclusion on this album, which was intended to help commemorate New Zealand's sesquicentennial in 1990.
Song List: How Are You Mate?, Boys of the Track, Homeless Drifter, When the Tui Calls, A New Chum Out From England, In the Morning, Wheels of Arrow, The Old Forty-Niner, KB Cannonball, The Latter End of Spring, Gone to Maoriland, Life of the High Country Shepherd, The Star Hotel, The Old Mud Hut, Full and Plenty, The Dying Bushman, No Regrets, Better Prospects, The Shepherd's Dream.

Sample The Star Hotel - in MP3 format
Sample The Star Hotel - in WMA format

cd coverWind in the Tussock
Nothing stirs the imagination like the New Zealand High Country, with a rugged character and dramatic beauty which has inspired countless artists, poets, musicians and photographers. This is the domain of the large station runs, their terrain and traditional lifestyle often dominated by slopes of waving tussock. This work is a tribute to those areas whose culture is entrenched in the consciousness of New Zealanders.
Song List: Wind in the Tussock, Yorky's Run, The Final Track, The Old Station Gate, Shantyman, Farewell to New Zealand, Greenstone Billy, Mother Nature's Children, Off to the Diggings, Hillsides of Bendigo, Faded Pictures, The Last Drop of Whisky, Driftwood.

Sample Wind in the Tussock - in MP3 format
Sample Wind in the Tussock - in WMA format

HungerInTheAirHunger in the Air
The tough early times of Colonial New Zealand culminated in the 'Hungry Years' (1879-95) when many people left the country. David McKee-Wright observed: "The country's lookin' not so bad, the prospect's pretty fair, But for coves that's out of collar mate, there's hunger in the air." This work is dedicated to the memory of those early colonists whose contributions helped to provide us with a rich musical heritage highlighting the exploits of shearers, gold diggers, whalers and traders in New Zealand.
Song List: Hunger in the Air, John Smith AB, Bright Fine Gold, A Long Time Ago, Dug-Out in the True, The Digger's Farewell, Come All You Tonguers, Shanties By the Way, The Shearing's Coming Round, I'm a Young Man, Davy Lowston, Shore Cry, Man Upon the Track, New Zealand Whales, Across the Line, Packing My Things, Leatherman.

Sample Man Upon the Track - in MP3 format
Sample Man Upon the Track - in WMA format

song bookClear the Board
Colonial or 'Bush Dancing' as it is called has been with New Zealand and Australia since the earliest days of settlement and is alive and well today thanks to the efforts of the Canterbury Bush Orchestra, led by Phil Garland. Many of these dances are descended from the peasant dances of Europe and the country dances of the British Isles.
Song List: Canterbury Swing, Woolshed Ramble, Miss Kathryn's Wheel, Colonial Threesome, Supper Waltz, Shearer's Jamboree, Jacaranda Jig, Country Capers, Barbecue Frolic, Charleston Galopede, The Magpie's Nest, Adieu or Goodnight Waltz, Nor'west Arches, Swagger's Farewell.

CD coverSpringtime in the Mountains
New Zealand Folk Album of the Year in 1984. Hills and mountains dominate the New Zealand landscape and there isn't a New Zealander living in either town or country who hasn't been affected in some way or other by their very presence. At times they stand remote, sizzling in summer heat and freezing in winter cold with their bush-clad valleys or barren windswept slopes. The high country stands aloof, but deeply entrenched in New Zealand's musical and poetical heritage.
Song List: The Hokonui Hills, Springtime in the Mountains, Scrub and Blackberry, Mason's Pub/Farewell to Whisky, Ballad of Stan Graham, Rocking the Cradle, Black Billy Tea, Kawarau Gold, Down in the Brunner Mine, The End of the Earth, Long and Friendly Road, Concertina Joe/Glenmore Jig, Hills of Coromandel, Farewell to Geraldine.

Sample Kawarau Gold - in MP3 format
Sample Kawarau Gold - in WMA format

tape coverSwags to Riches
Performed by Phil with the Canterbury Bush Orchestra. Much of the music featured on this album refers to a time in our history when the divisions between country and city life were not as great as they are today.
Song List: Colonial Barn Dance, She'll be Right, Country Pub, Susie's Delight, The Springtime-It Brings on the Shearing, The White Cockade/Doc Boyd's Jig/Durham Rangers, Charley Mopps/One Hundred Pipers, Don't Blame the Wealthy Squatter, All For Me Grog, Welcome to Erin, The Overlander, Brown and Empty Bottle-O, Sandy Grant/Angus Campbell, Rights of Man/Ballad of Ned Kelly, Bushman's Fancy.


Old Station Days
tape cover Performed by the Canterbury Crutchings Bush & Ceilidh Band presenting songs and instrumentals from Australia and New Zealand. This album captures the spirit of woolshed and barn dances which were so popular in those old station days. These events were often the social highlight of the year and they were open house to everyone regardless of their social standing.
Song List: Bush Band in March Time, The Shores of Botany Bay/Paddy Clancy's Jig, Five Miles from Gundagai, Retreat and Advance, In Slow March Time, All Among the Wool, Davy Nick Nack/Soldier's Joy, A Billy of Tea, Click Go the Shears, The Drunken Piper/Staten Island/Mrs McLeod, The Dark Island, The Flash Stockman, Chief O'Neill's Favourite/The Boys of Blue Hill, The Limejuice Tub/Paddy on the Railway, Diddley-Ah.


Colonial Yesterdays
Colonial Yesterdays Originally released in 1975 and recently digitised, this album of Kiwi folk song is notable for featuring the first ever recorded tracks of the hugely popular Canterbury Crutchings Bush & Ceilidh Band along with the first ever recording of The Stable Lad, which has since become one of the most enduring and popular love songs in our folk song heritage. The new release also features some further musical accompaniments as well as another six songs recorded during the same time frame as the original sessions. Colonial Yesterdays is a must have for anyone truly interested in New Zealand folk song.
Track Listing: Canterbury Jigs - The Day The Pub Burned Down - The Culler's Lament - As The Black Billy Boils - Song For Captain Cook - Banks Of The Waikato / The Waikato Waltz - Run For Your Life - The New Chum - The Shearing's Coming Round When The Rainbird Sings In The Tea-Tree - The Dying Bushman - Wool Away Jack By The Dry Cardrona - Across The Line - Soon May The Wellerman Come - The Stable Lad - Taumarunui - Woolshed Dance Medley.

Sample The Cullers Lament - in MP3 format
Sample Soon May the Wellerman Come - in MP3 format


tape cover Down a Country Road
This recording highlights New Zealand's story and the way people have lived and recorded it in homespun balladry. These songs were collected from both old timers and younger people that Phil met as he travelled thousands of miles into the remoter parts of the South Island of New Zealand.
Song List: Wool Commandeer, Down a Country Road I Know, Snowed In, Dugout in the True, At the Mataura, Tuapeka Gold, Smoko!, Shanties by the Way, The Old Identity, Fine Bright Gold, Packing My Things, Farewell to the Grey.



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